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Up north, the cold winds blowing, the rain pouring, the gray skies closing in on your happiness – sometimes you need to find a replacement for the care-free golden days of summer. No amount of blankets or whiskey, even with honey, lemon, and hand-warming hot water, can warm your melancholy soul. Sometimes, what you really need is a set of arms to encompass you, to wrap you up almost too tight, feeling like someone really does not want to let you go. For a moment, you can forget your claustrophobia and fear of commitment because love seems more important than breath.
Note: Somehow, google docs and wordpress had different counts for how many words I used – I can only assume that google docs considered hand-warming to be two words but care-free to be one word, while wordpress considered both to be one word. I opted to go with what word press suggested, un-contracting doesn’t to does not, for the sake of having an even 100 words by wordpress standards. I actually hand counted each word rather than trusting the word count functions between the two different programs. That’s how much I care about following the rules. And this explanation is 100 words also.

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